Thursday, 2 October 2008


The Infamists presents


A new play written and directed by Drew Davies

Venue: The Courtyard (Studio Theatre), Bowling Green Walk, 40 Pitfield Street, N1 6EU

Dates: Tues 11th November - Sun 30th November

Times: 7.30pm.

Running time: 90 minutes with an intermission

Box Office: 0870 163 0717 /

Ticket enquiries: 020 7729 2202 (6.30pm - 9.30pm Tues - Sun only) /

Tickets: £12.50 / £10

Press Night: Weds 12th November

One man and one man alone has been chosen to rescue Hell from great tyranny. His name? Chaverston Robert Scumthorpe Jnr. Petty criminal. Pit-bull breeder. And, how can we put this …chav! Now Robert must journey to the heights of Heaven, meet with the Almighty, conquer his own (and many other people's) demons and save the afterlife before time runs out. Our future is in his hands. God help us all…

When Chaverston Robert Scumthorpe Jnr wakes up dead, he can't imagine his day getting any worse. He's left everything behind him; his girlfriend Kathy, his dreams of finishing Grand Theft Auto 3 and any chance of living a good and decent life. That is, until Robert discovers he's in Hell.

After re-uniting with his careerist father, Robert is unwittingly enlisted as a suicide bomber and sent off to free the citizens of Hades by blowing up their greatest oppressor, God. His journey takes him through Purgatory, where Robert befriends Lou, a burnt out hippy with a penchant for card games, before confronting him with the Lord Almighty Himself who, as it happens, is his recently deceased girlfriend Kathy...

With fresh insight into the workings of the Universe (and a LCD ticker still strapped around his middle counting down to detonation), Robert must face up to his feelings on love, his scheming father, the Dark Prince of Evil and - most worryingly of all - the rest of his Afterlife.

Broad, scurrilous and unashamedly fun, CHAV SCUM KILLS GOD takes a wry look at modern life in England and skews terrorism, National pride, the ASBO underclass and (ultimately) death while ensuring the theological debate stays firmly within human proportions.

Drew Davies (Writer/Director)

Drew Davies was born in London in 1979 and later moved to New Zealand when he attended Auckland’s UNITEC School of Performing and Screen Arts (BPSA majoring in Acting). Drew worked extensively in television as an actor before winning the New Zealand Playmarket Young Playwright of the Year Award for his one-act play ‘Swirl’ in 2000.

Returning to London in 2001, Drew’s work includes the radio play ‘On The Up’ (2004), and ‘Fear of Projection’ (2008, writer/director/actor) which premiered at this year’s Brighton Festival Fringe before a successful three week run at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

CHAV SCUM KILLS GOD is his first full length play.


Bradley Benjamin (Robert)

Since Bradley graduated from The Academy Drama School in 2006 he has performed in “King Lear” and 'Hound of The Baskervilles'. His work in short films; music videos and TV make him a versatile actor especially suited to character roles. "I think the word CHAV has become almost ecumenical, although we probably hate to admit it there is a little bit of Robert in all of us"

Michael Lindall (The Other)

Michael trained at the Drama Studio London before making his professional debut in the acclaimed play 'The Irish Curse' at The Edinburgh Festival 2006, reprising his role in the same production in May 2007 at the Dublin Arts Festival. His work in theatre includes: Gabriel in 'Gabriel', Astrov in 'Uncle Vanya', Simon in 'Hayfever', and Romeo in 'Romeo and Juliet' at the RSC Dell open air Theatre in Stratford. His work on film includes 'Spoon', 'Once I Was' and 'Blood Related' (which he also wrote and produced).

Des Brittain (Rob Senior)

Des began his acting career in Melbourne and Sidney (Australia). Des has appeared in a number of recent productions in London including, "Money from America" at the Broadway Theatre, Catford. He has performed in Alan Ackebourn's "A Woman in Mind", Jimmy Chinn's "Colours of Time”, and the Irish hangman in "Our Country's Good" by Timberlake Wertenbaker.

Jonathan Hansler (Lou)

Jonathan’s recent stage work includes playing Peter Cook (in the play he co-wrote and produced) "Goodbye - The After Life Of Cook and Moore" at the Gilded Balloon in Edinburgh, Neil Callaghan in "Maggie End" and Peter Cook again in "Pete 'n' Me" at the New End Theatre.
His television work includes "Hotel Babylon", "Dream Team”,” My Family" and "The Queens Sister”. He is part of double act Teakshow and runs Comedy at the Private Eye Dining Rooms in Soho.

Sarah Alborn (Kathy/God)

Originally from Leicester, Sarah graduated from Birmingham School of Acting in 2006. Her theatre credits include Anitra in “Peer Gynt” at the Hackney Empire, Sybil Chase in “Private Lives” at the Marie Bjornson Open Air Theatre and Julie in “Save Your Kisses for Me” at the Barons Court Theatre.

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