Friday, 10 October 2008

Catching Up: “Spyski”/“That Moment”

(Two very quick ones to prevent getting even further behind before another show tonight)

If The 39 Steps is your idea of a good time, you will love Spyski. A comedic espionage thriller of the smart-stupid variety, company Peepolykus (pronounced people like us..and they sure do) have created a wacky adventure framed within and set against Wilde’s classic The Importance of Being Earnest. Though slapstick heavy and full of groaners, the cleverness required to make it all work both on its own terms and the audiences is truly amazing, for how often do you really get actors suck tracking down genetically modified Russians being left in handbags at Victoria Station for MI5 operatives to collect at Cockfosters? It’s zany, family friendly fun (though not for the pre-PG film crowd) and cheap tickets are everywhere.

For the unemployed actor in all of us, the Kings Head just wrapped up a two week lunchtime run run of Dougie Blaxland’s That Moment, a solo piece starring Jenny Harold as out of work actress Alicia who somehow ends up dating a two-timing passive aggressive depressed playwright while dogsitting for a famous director. It sounds naff, but it’s an engaging, blissfully quick hour, and people in (or close to) the business will recognise references and landmarks instantly. That said, why did they bother setting up a series of not that frequently (or well) used TVs to project the occasional still image? It seems a total waste.

Where: Lyric Hammersmith
When: Until 1 November. M-Sa @ 19:30
How Much: £10-£27
Concessions: Check the Lyric’s website because they’re abundant.
RZ Unofficial “Worth Paying”: £18. Fun and funny but not a long time memorable gig.
RZ Other Notes: Tours after the Lyric run.

That Moment
Where: Kings Head
When: Closed.
How Much: £7 Unrserved
Concessions: £5
RZ Unofficial “Worth Paying”: £7. Come on, it’s less than the cost of lunch.
RZ Other Notes: None!

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