Friday, 4 January 2008

THOUGHTS: "X-Files Improv"

(More quickness from Trafalgar)

Long time actor and comedian Dean Haglund makes his west end debut with this improvisational comedy based on the long-running TV series. While fans of the X-Files will get the most out of attending, non-fans can take comfort in knowing that even without familiarity, Mr. Haglund is very, very funny. Consisting of four skits that combine to tell a story, ticketbuyers are assured of a lighthearted and hilarious time out.

Where: Trafalgar Studios 2
When: Until 5 Jan.
Cost: £15
Concessions: £10 for the usuals.
Unofficial RZ "Worth Paying": £15. Admission is in line for an hour show by a name comedian.
RZ Other Notes: Dean Haglund is also the inventor of ChillPak, a condensation-free cold pack designed for use with notebook computers. If given the chance, it's also worth picking up his comic book on the cancelling of the Lone Gunmen TV series.

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