Monday, 14 January 2008

THOUGHTS: "Dick Whittington" Revisited

Ah, the age old question: is pantomime still funny when you know all the jokes? And can a cast still deliver after six weeks of 12-14 performances/week?

Fortunately for the Hackney Empire, the answer to both is a resounding "yes". The RZ attended the closing performance of "Dick Whittington", and enjoyed himself just as much the second time around, this time surrounded by a wonderfully mixed audience of families and adult enthusiasts. Clive Rowe still had the audience eating out of his hands (not literally), Hannah Jane Fox's voice wasn't torn to shreds, and David Ashley's King Rat was just as melodramatically love-to-hate perfect as it was when the run began.

Here's looking forward to Mother Goose in 12 months!

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