Monday, 12 November 2007

UPDATE: News, etc. (17 Nov.)

Well, 28 shows on Broadway have stagehands on strike, and the West End Whingers are stuck in New York with it. If you want an in depth discussion, you're better off going to All That Chat or the Broadwayworld boards. The economics, politics, and such are more complicated than the news is letting on, tensions are raised on both sides, and the whole thing is a mess - there are no clear lines here and everybody is screwed until this thing is over.

Back on this side of the pond, it's a busy time of year as Christmas tourists start flooding into the city and the West End there anything opening in the West End? There's plenty in "Off West-End" and the Fringe, and panto season is of course upon us as well, but to the RZ's knowledge there are no new major musicals opening except for La Cage at the Chocolate Factory, and few big plays until after the holidays as well. Corrections are, of course, welcomed.

Lastly, while things have been quiet on the review front this month, that's about to change: the RZ has six shows to attend this week, four of which will be covered on this site. Should international mail manage to deliver his recent shipments, there will also be a CD and film review going up as well, plus an interview or two.

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