Tuesday, 13 November 2007

THOUGHTS: "Vincent River"

(This is the shortest review that will ever appear on this site...the RZ has an early class tomorrow, and the press have all raved this one anyways.)

Gay East-Ender Phillip Ridley gives us play where OXO Mum* is confronted by beaten up pretty boy from Essex. Pretty Boy found Mum’s dead kid, they drink and talk, revelations and hijinks ensue. Good dialogue, nice sparse set, uncomfortable bench seats at Trafalgar 2.

*The OXO part is the second to last advert in the series.

Where: Trafalgar Studios 2
When: Nightly, 7:45 PM until 17 Nov.
Cost: £22.50
Concessions: Usuals for £15
RZ Unofficial "Worth Paying": £15. Solid all around, but not one you're going to remember forever.
RZ Other Notes: Another one of Ridley's plays is running now as well, but the RZ doesn't have the time or energy to look it up. There was a post-show Q&A, and the RZ also saw a discussion lecture with Ridley a few weeks ago. Fascinating guy, see his stuff if you're unfamiliar with it.

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