Monday, 9 February 2009

NOTES: “Maria Friedman sings the British Songbook”

Maria Friedman loves songs. And finding new songs, and new things to bring out in songs. And she loves singing them and the audience loves watching her sing them because there’s so much warmth and heart behind them that one can’t help themselves but be drawn in.

And so went another lovely evening with this lovely singer who knows not to take herself *too* seriously (“I’ll get all of the lyrics I flubbed right tomorrow.”) And if she did flub a few lyrics or wasn’t always in the best of voice? So what. Every time I see Maria Friedman I can’t help but fall completely in love with her performance, and I’m thrilled that she’s finding success in her concerts. Add to this an almost full set of new material for Ms. F. and a magical evening was all but guaranteed from the start. Absolutely wonderful.

The next person to do the “British Songbook” series, though? Scream-tweenie favourite Kerry Ellis. I think I’ll be staying home for that one, though.

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