Tuesday, 20 May 2008

THOUGHTS: Eurovision 2008 Hopefuls...

So the RZ revisited Gone With The Wind last night (hey, the tickets were free...) and while he's still recovering his mind (and getting of his bum to write his Macross F 1-7 review) here are some fast thoughts on who the RZ hopes comes out on top in this year's Eurovision song contest:

Ireland - A protest entry, Irelande Douze Pointe has obnoxious novelty song written all over it - but it's glib and catchy.*

Spain - Baila el Chikki Chikki is also a protest entry and the singer resembles a long lost relative of Helge Schneider.

Latvia - There are PIRATES. And they've got the whole Toybox/Captain Jack sound going on, which the RZ digs.

Greece - The RZ thought they were taking the piss with the use of local instrument in Eurobeat, but their entries really sound that way - and it sounds good.

Belgium - It's an odd track and one of the RZ's friends pointed out that she finds the background films more interesting than the song.

Bulgaria - It's all rather Ace of Base but second rate.

Bosnia-Herzogovina - What the hell. No really, just what the hell. Not a horrid song, but the visuals. WTF?

France/Russia/Germany/UK = Bog standard. Nothing impressive here.

*Ireland and Spain are rumored to be sending intentionally bizarre/bad songs in response to the unofficial voting blocs that certain regions establish eg Scandanavia cross-vote, ex-Soviet countries cross-vote, etc.

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