Tuesday, 15 April 2008

THOUGHTS: Moths Ate My Dr Who Scarf

(A very short catch-up before running out to Hackney Empire...)

The anoraks have landed at the Arts Theatre as comedian Toby Hadoke brings his tale of childhood woe, social discomfort, and unabashed fandom to London. Drawing heavily on personal experience and an in-depth knowledge of the title programme to the forefront, Moths looks at what it means to be the outsider, to have an audiovisual security blanket, and how perceptions change the way we view ourselves and our cultural heritage. While non-Who fans will be able to follow what’s going on, many of the jokes will (obviously) be lost - ditto for those who aren’t familiar with local celebs and TV in general (e.g. a hilarious bit comparing Star Wars to Eastenders). Pleasantly short, Moths is a lovely way to start an evening in the West End.

Where: Arts Theatre
When: Until 19 Apr @ 19:30
How Much: £12.50-£15
Concessions: None
RZ Unofficial “Worth Paying”: £12.50. Lots of fun, but very specialised humour.
RZ Other Notes: A version of this show was produced for BBC Radio 7 and is available on CD.

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