Friday, 21 March 2008

NEWS: Orbital Reminder + More

While the RZ still needs to post about last night's performance of Maria Friedman: Rearranged, he wishes to take a moment to remind London readers with a free day tomorrow (Saturday) that he will be giving a presentation on SF/Cult Genres in musical theatre at Orbital 2008 at the Radisson Edwardian Heathrow at 8:30 PM. You buy a day admission to the convention, so come, see Neil Gaiman, and watch the RZ stumble over the stages of Sailor Moon's 13 years on stage.

In other news, this lovely chart was in today's New York Times. Check the entries for Grease, Legally Blonde, Spring Awakening, and Xanadu for lulz.

*SF/Cult: Any genre you can buy at Forbidden Planet

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webcowgirl said...

You make me think ever so fondly of Mothra, the Rock Musical, which I saw in Seattle "back in the day" (Jesus, I'm thinking it might have been '98 or so).

Nice site, I'm going to add you to my regular reading list - theater/sf/ex-pat works for me!