Friday, 15 February 2008

NEWS: Orbital Presentation

Hey there readers,

For those in the London area, the RZ will be giving a presentation at Orbital 2008 on Saturday, 22 March. The subject will be cult genres in musical theatre, and with 90 min. to talk, discuss, and show videos, it should be something of a blast.

A few details and clarifications for those who are (rightly) having trouble parsing the above.

Q: What is Orbital?
A: Orbital 2008 is this year's UK National Science Fiction convention.

Q: Where is it?
A: Some hotel by Heathrow. Full details are on the website.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Saturday only registration is £20. Consider it the cost to see Neil Gaiman and get the RZ's presentation as a bonus.

Q: You mentioned a hotel?
A: People staying multiple days usually get hotel rooms. The event is entirely commutable for locals.

Q: What do you mean by "cult genres"? Aren't musicals already pretty cult?
A: In this case, "cult genre" refers to things you can buy at Forbidden Planet - scifi, horror, comic books, etc.

Q: There are actually enough musicals about these things to warrant a 90 minute presentation?
A: Yup. And that's only choosing prime examples. Maybe the RZ's PhD will be a book on the subject.

Q: Will the RZ be any more articulate in person than on the website?
A: Probably not, but we can all hope.

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