Monday, 10 December 2007

THOUGHTS: "Dealer's Choice"

(Poor Trafalgar Studios. For some unfortunate reason, the RZ always finds himself attending wonderful productions there when he has no time to write proper reviews.)

Providing a nice testosterone-packed filling for a sandwich of David Mamet extravaganzas (the previously reviewed Glengarry Glenn Ross and upcoming Old Vic production of Speed the Plow), Dealer's Choice may not have quite the same punch that its American counterparts offer, but sheds a light on six men and how easily a dream can rise or be crushed nevertheless. With its macho cast and design transferred intact from the Menier Chocolate Factory, the set has been adjusted nicely to fill out Trafalgar 1's stage, and fans of watching behind the scenes work can watch a poor stagehand count chips and set the table during the interval before the play's driving poker game begins. Dealer's Choice may not be the best play in London, but it is far from disappointing.

Where: Trafalgar Studios 1
When: M-Sa @ 19:30, Th/Sa @ 14:30
How Much: £15-£40
Concessions: Thursday matinees all seats £24, usual suspects get best available for £20 same day.
Unofficial RZ "Worth Paying": £15. Add £5 if you know your poker as the details will go over your head if you don't unless you buy the programme.
RZ Other Notes: A good play to pass the afternoon with, but not the stuff of main attractions. See it if it's convenient or you have the money to spare - it's solid, but not exceptional.

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