Sunday, 7 October 2007

UPDATE: Week of 7 Oct...

(This is a feature which may or may not continue, based on reader feedback. Let me know if I should keep it up.)

For the curious, here's what has been going on for the past few days, and a look at possible upcoming articles.

First and foremost, comments work now. When I first set up the blog, I forgot to turn them on. My apologies for that.

I had the opportunity to visit the Dance Umbrella on Saturday, and saw a piece involving a man and his construction vehicle. It was an assigned viewing for class, so the review is on hold until I decide if I'm submitting it for credit or not. I'm planning to hit the West End twice this week as well, and may submit a review for one of those productions instead. Expect posts either late Thursday or early Friday.

Rumour is spreading across the message boards that while the creative team are pleased with the reaction RENT:Remixed has been getting, changes ARE being worked on, though I have my doubts that the wildest rumours about a show doctor being called in are true. It's going to be a hell of a lot of fun to see what the critics have to say about this production. Internet buzz has been mixed, with the majority of views landing on the negative side, though most parties on both sides agree that further work is needed. The two scenes most targeted by the posters so far are "Out Tonight" and (almost universally) "What You Own", which both suffered from radical changes in tempo and staging to ill effect. Ironically enough, more discussion is occurring on American boards such as Broadway World and Compulsive Bowlers rather than the domestic alternatives (unless I'm missing links to a big source...could a long time local post if the sidebar is missing anything?).

Rumours are also starting to circulate that a cast album for this new RENT is in the works for Christmas time. IMHO, the more important release is next month's release of PS Classic's new CD Jonathan Sings Larson, which will be comprised of demo recordings from Superbia, tick...tick...BOOM, and RENT along with a pair of isolated one-off tracks as well as a DVD featuring Larson performing four songs from ttB in 1991. I've got an Amazon gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket, so expect this one to be reviewed as soon as it gets to me here in the UK.

Early buzz is already starting for next year's transfer of Aussie hit Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, and which show will have to clear out, as the producers have a deal with RUG for a space. While I think the show will be campy fun, Priscilla won't do anything to help the West End escape its reputation for low end imports and bland film/jukebox adaptations. That said, neither will the rumoured transfer of Xanadu, a show I loved in NYC.

In terms of straight plays, Shadowlands has just started previews, and the new production of Glengarry Glenn Ross starring Jonathan Pryce is approaching its press night. Ideally I'll be getting to both, though they're on limited runs, so best to get while the getting's good.

Ending where we started, it appears that the hardest ticket to get this fall greets us from the Fringe, with Punchdrunk's new production The Masque of the Red Death being sold out until after Christmas (with tickets going fast), making this (soon to be) two sold-out extensions. According to staff at Battersea Arts Centre, the only way to see this interactive Poe-inspired mystery is to queue up for return tickets 60 min. prior to curtain. The RZ may attempt to snag a ticket for the final days, but is battling the start of Winter term for scheduling.

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