Tuesday, 25 September 2007

About this blog...

Since everybody should know where the text on this page is coming from...

The author of this site is an American male in his mid-20s currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Theatre from a prestigious British university. As the programme includes a large unit on theatrical journalism and writing, the author felt that he may as well get some extra practice and some exposure out of his work, and decided to set up this blog as an outlet for additional work, assigned writings, comments on the London scene, and the occasional pining for what he's missing back home.

The works present on this site will primarily be reviews, with a few short articles and comments on the side. Blog-originals will be posted as soon as possible after seeing the performance. Reviews that are written for the author's class assignments will be delayed by up to seven days from completion in order to avoid the risk of having to explain that no, the author is not plagiarizing himself. The same rule will go for any other writings as well. Please also note that while it's not entirely fair from a professional standpoint, the author will be posting his thoughts on shows seen during previews. If there is a requirement for class or sufficient interest/time/money available, the author will attempt to revisit shows after they are frozen and post additional comments/revisions.

As for the URL name, the author is a huge fan of Macross (known to most Westerners as Robotech), an anime series where the invading aliens (the Zentradi) were defeated by introducing culture, emotion, and art into their civilization. The franchise has been a fan favourite around the world since its original broadcast in 1982, and a new sequel (Macross Frontier) is coming soon in honour of the 25th anniversary special.

Welcome to London.

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